Show X - Episode 278 - Shiny Technology for the New Year

Ken takes advantage of the empty campus and brings his little Tank along to work. Show X sends good birthday wishes to Jesse, Hide, and Ryoichi. Wayne was able to see My Neighbor Totoro in theater which he highly recommends. Amy and Wayne are going to visit Japan this year and take advantage of knowing someone with an extra room.
Kicking off Geek Cred, Ken is playing WoW as usual, but even more so this last week. He also attempted to bring the console world and PC master race together throguh Rocket League. Ken had an anniversary with his Kitten Features, thanks to technology for reminding him. Amy has been playing Splunky and Catherine. Wayne is still playing Pokemon Go and trying to catch them all and working with Kopii to beat Trine 2 and start Trine 3. Wayne also surprisingly enjoyed the new Ghostbusters movie and The Acountant with Ben Afleck.
Kopii writes in to remind us all to check out Awesome Games Dones Quickly on Twitch and to donate money to help charities they support. Ken also found time to watch Hardcore Henry!
After Wayne fails at how long a music break is, the guys finish the rest of the show talking about CES 2017.

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