Season 04, Episode 05: BYOB

Tonight Keith is unavailable, so we will do a BYOB episode.

To The Pint

Jeremy & Gary: Guinness Nitro IPA. This stuff sucks. No hop flavor/aroma. Poor malt base. Just bad. - Jeremy: 2/10Gary: 1/10Rob: Homebrew Newcastle Brown Ale clone. Has not aged well.

Total: /10

Pint Taken

Star Wars: Rogue One. Lots of talking. Blah blah blah. Go see it!Our favorite Star Wars movies, ranked:Jeremy:Star WarsRogue OneEmpire Strikes BackReturn of the JediForce AwakensEpisodes 2 and 3 are equally awfulEpisode 1 is something I wish I could forgetRob:Empire/Rogue One (tied)Star WarsForce AwakensReturn of the JediRevenge of the SithPhantom MenaceAttack of the ClonesGary:Star Wars/Empire (tied)Rogue One
Force AwakensReturn of the Jedi1-3, should have done better

Half Pints

Jeremy - Desert Golfing: endless golf
Gary - Netflix offline viewing: Very poor selectionRob - Tap Tap Dash (iOS game) 

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