NC #608 AirPods Updates, Missing Magsafe, AirPods Lag, Time Machine via Netgear Router

Chit Chat Across the Pond was a discussion with Allister Jenks about Affinity Designer and the place vector-based image applications have in our workflow. We've got a lot of listener feedback about AirPods, including Garth Humphreys from the iBlindTech podcast. Jill recommends the small and lightweight Bluetooth remote control from Satechi for use with the iPhone and AirPods. We talk about the AirPods and the Trekz both having trouble playing audio from iOS this week. I do a bit of an anti-review, explaining that the USB-C Griffin Breaksafe will not take the place of Magsafe in your life. Then we're back to more AirPods talk where I delve deep into why Bluetooth headphones have lag and syncing issues where wired headphones do not. Many thanks to Chris from Rogue Amoeba and Stephen Coyle who tested Bluetooth vs wired headphones for lag and published his results here. Finally I answer Steve Davidson's question about whether it's possible to plug a USB drive into the Netgear X8 router and run a Time Machine backup on it.