Show X - Episode 276 - A Holidy Extension

Another Happy Holidays as the guys present a double dosage of Show X today, just in case they don't make a show on Christmas day. Kitten is sick today and Ken is keeping her company during the show. The guys are trying to get things all ready for Christmas this next week, but Wayne is definitely behind. Wayne got to travel out to the East coast for the last week and check out the Christmas decorations in DC, however he was ill prepared for the humidity in the air, mixed with the cold wind. The Guys then trade travel stories.
Ken also keeps us up to date about what's going on in WoW for the holidays, in Goldshire on Moonguard...
Wayne enjoyed a sausage party...and it was dirty.
Ken recounts stories about head trauma and brings everyone up to date on his coffee spreadsheet. He also took in a show, seeing Korn and Limp Bizkit live.
Wayne still managed to game while traveling with Pokemon GO and Star Wars Heroes.
Ken's gaming continues to consist of World of Warcraft. He is fueled today by a very warm Thai Curry that he made and is sufferring through. Ken fips the script and acquired Mortal Kombat X, ready, fight! He also got sporty with some Rocket League and Old School with some Summoner's Rift on League of Legends.
Wayne continues to look forward to what is next with VR.
Ken has been playing two different mobile games that play as blended reality games. Seen and Sim - Sara is Missing.
The last quarter of the show has the guys talking about their thoughts on the brand new Star Wars story, Rogue One.

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