Episode 267, “The Tangent Factor”


DSC to begin filming in early 2017

Bryan Fuller out and not involved in any way. Maybe for S2?

DS9 DVD Box Set Coming In February

For the Love of Spock - Now on Netflix

Star Trek 50th Anniversary 4CD set is out

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Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Which Trek captain do u think is the best role model for a child?

Star Trek in pop culture:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Listener Jordan McKinley

In this clip, the crew has traveled back in time, which causes speech problems where one talks nonsense words.

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Episode insight: VOY: S6 Good Shepard

Character insight - Reed

Subspace communications

Episode: http://media.libsyn.com/media/worldofwarcast/ThisWeekinTrekEpisode267.mp3