Show X - Episode 268 - Wayne's Spoopy Weekend

Wayne is on his own this week as Ken is away from home. Wayne had more car issues, including having to get his truck out of the impound lot. He hosted an early Halloween party, wore a new hat, and couldn't find his massive bottle of latex. At his party he suffered from the inability to get console multiplayer gaming to work. He almost suffers a Joking Hazard, but all in good fun.
As Wayne does, he overbooked his weekend and did some photography in the mountains before coming all the way back to town to take photos of zombies and die himself but unfortunately missed out on all the people he wanted to hang out with.
In Geek Cred, Wayne is all caught up with Naruto and is waiting for more episodes. As he waits, he has been catching up with the DC content on Netlfix. He is also getting all jazzed for new movies with the release of trrailers for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Logan, and Rogue One. There was also a trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Finally, Nintendo has gone ahead and named their new console with the Switch. Wayne is a little confused and skeptical at the moment.
Geek-O-Scope covers concern for the voices of all of our gaming characters, while NASA is trying to increase the overall knowledge of the world.

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