Show 178: Feeling Blizzcony

Overwatch- 20 millions players. Played a Overwatch video about a new hero Sombra. New maps and 2 new game types.

Starcraft- New co-op missions

Deep Mind- Going to play SC2 in a match in the future.

E-sports- Talks about the finals 2.7 million. New video about Heroes of the dorm.

Overwatch League- Try outs, teams formed around cities.

Heroes of the storm- Heroes Brawl, Blackheart's Revenge, only one core (attack/defend). New Heroes Varian!!! And Ragnaros can take over bases and get bigger.

Varain out Nov-You can play Varian 6 ways. Rag out Dec All shall burn!! Play nexus challenge with a friend 15 games get skins, 30+ games Heroes and mounts.

Hearthstone- Funny video Gadgetzan. Mean streets of Gadgetzan, 3 gangs The Grimy Goons, Piranha Launcher for Hunter Packs. The Jade Lotus, Lotus Assassin. The Kabal, Kabal Talon priest. Tri quest cards One card can make a custom spell. Out in Dec

Diablo 3-  20 year anniversary go back to Diablo 1 and play the four main bosses. Added two new zones. New class…Necromancer!!!

Warcraft- 2017 is going to be awesome year in Warcraft! New pet for Make a Wish (Fel Kitty)

7.1.5 is the first small patch.

Mist of Pandaria Timewalking

Return of the Brawler's Guild, dozens of new bosses,Rumbles- Chaotic raid battles (pulls all players who are waiting to fight). New currency- Brawlers Gold, lots and lots of shirts and new mount.

Micro-holidays- Ahn'Qiraj Remembrance Day you get to done quests to have your flag fly for the whole year 21st Jan. Volunteer Day, Hatching of the Hippogryps if you watch them hatch you get a pet. Boat Day (Spring Break).

Blade's Edge Arena Updated

Class updates-  Increasing talent diversity, 2nd stats have been looked at, improving "feel", Adding/returning utility

Coming very soon on PTR right after Blizzcon!

7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras

Continue the class order campaign

New faction Armies of Legionfall

New World Quests

Build a base and plan the assault, Nether Disruptor, Command centre, Mage Tower.

Legion Assaults, pre-launch event. Broken Isles zones under attack, when this happens all world quests stop in this zone while the legion attack. Fight on the Legion Ship that is attacking the zones.

Flying? Its coming…second part of the path finding. Custom class mounts (flying) they look awesome!!

New raid 9 bosses

Patch Dungeon- Cathedral of Eternal Night four bosses.

PvP- brawls, weekly, new ideas, Southshore v Tarren Mill, Instant cap Warsong, Parked House 15v15, Gravity Lapse, Winter Arathi Basin, Eye of the Horn

Artifact Updates: Mechanics. All new and spend a 4th point in minor traits, New knowledge levels catch up. New appearance for each weapon.

Dungeon Updates- Baseline Heroic/Mythic dungeon will keep up with where the top ilevel is so people can keep running them in the future. Karazhan mythic+/Heroic.

New Keystone affixes.

No date given for 7.2.

We are going to Argus!!!!!!!!