BNN #17 - Convert to Raid presents: Player Bans and the BSOD

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John Horstmann (Well Met and The Payload at, Gizmo (Lords of the Storm) and Tattva (Line of Sight Gaming) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

4:20 - Blizzard Black Friday Deals
7:50 - Gizmo's take on 1v1 in Overwatch
12:30 - World Boss: The Soultakers
15:50 - Mythic Trial of Valor and team bans
28:10 - Patch 7.1.5 and class balance
30:55 - Artifact Knowledge catch up mechanics
38:00 - Legendaries and bad luck protection
43:00 - Hearthstone heroic brawls
56:30 - Heroes of the Storm: Varian, stats, and sales
1:02:40 - Overwatch: Symmetra changes
1:10:20 - eSports: Overwatch and HotS
1:17:40 - Outro

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