Show 177: Behind the Woodshed

Hi all. Today Joe and Shinn talks about Falcosaur and Joe gives an update on the Ghost Iron (and other things) he found on the AH.

Here are our predictions for blizzcon:

Predictions on announcements Diablo 4 shinn. Diablo 3.4 joe Warcraft 2: the fall of arthas (joe) Warcraft Illidan? (shinn) 7.3 (joe) Heroes (warcraft maps (diablo chars)) Overwatch Maps (shinn) Characters (joe) Hearthstone Dark temple adventure pack Starcraft gets more story for heart of the swarm Predictions on E-sports Overwatch Spain Finland (Shinn) USA Sweden (joe) SC2 ShoWTimE Dark (both) Heroes MVP Black (both) Fanantic (joe) denial e-sports (shinn  Hearth OmegaZero, cydonia (shinn) pavel, amnesiac (joe) Warcraft NG blue panda global (shinn) ng blue method na (joe)

And then there is Weird Al. You get our thoughts there.

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