Season 03 Episode 28

Rob is missing tonight, so we are doing a Bring Your Own Beer episode.

To The Pint

Jeremy: Anderson Valley Hobneelch'n Hoppy Wheat Ale (5.0%)Lots of hop flavor and aroma. Light body. Easy to drink, perfect hot weather beer. Bitter finish. 7/10Gary: Drakes Electric Owl Brown Ale with Coffee (8.0%)Looks like a really dark amber ale. Not lacking in the coffee department. Coffee flavor is quite strong. Works really well with this beer. 9/10Keith: Three Heads Baltic Porter (10.4%)Not too much sharpness. Has a very good balance. 9/10

Pint Taken

CBS signs on with Google Unplugged TV serviceIs this the future of burgers? 

Half Pints

Jeremy - Mini Metro iOS gameBonus pick: - All the knockoff goods you could ever want!Keith - ANTIPICKS!those apps that trade your privacy for money (mobile expressions and survey savvy)Gary - Westworld

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