BNN #13 - Convert to Raid presents: That Monk Moooves!

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Gizmo (Lords of the Storm podcast) and John Horstmann ( join the crew this week to talk about the latest in World of Warcraft and other fun stuff!


4:30 - Dairies on going from hardcore to casual WoW play

8:00 - John on gearing in WoW without raiding

13:05 - WoW to hold a Q&A this week before Patch 7.1. What do we expect to hear?

31:45 - Leveling stats from MMO-Champion

39:40 - Blizzcon updates! Gear store, Diablo Party, Well Played Party

49:20 - Heroes of the Storm: New Hero + Brawls on PTR

53:55 - Hearthstone updates

55:30 - Overwatch: Halloween Season Play

1:04:00 - Jeff Kaplan talks about OW Development

1:11:40 - Q&A???

1:15:15 - Outro

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