Show X - Episode 262 - Improve your life with Water

Ken and Wayne are on the air today, but sans alcohol. Happy birthday to a new Pucek and to Zack. Wayne did not make it to the wedding last week because his truck decided it had been through enough and died. Shortly after the video feed died. Wayne also watched TMNT 2 and The Revenant, one of which is amazing, the other is at least entertaining.
Ken reveals that he does not like the taste of life (water), but does like some good salmon. He is keeping on the healthy track. The guys reccommend that everyone keep working on themselves and always strive to improve. Ken feels he is ready to lecture students due to all of his time talking to all of you. Ken is preparing to help teach his mother all about editing photographs and the guys discuss their trials of learning to be better photographers. Ken is done playing Pokèmon GO, what a quitter, except that he has started play WoW again. He explains his experiences with the new expansion and playing on the US Moonguard server.
Wayne lets eveyone know about how much fun he had at this year's Nan Desu Kan in Colorado. He got to show off his new Pokèmon GO costume as well as an old favorite. He also reccommends that everyone go check out the new Final Fantasy Kingsglaive movie. He finishes up the show with a slew of his geek cred of gaming.

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