Season 03, Episode 25

Tonight we return to Lagunitas Brewing Company for Lucky 13, a big red ale. This was first brewed in 2006 to mark 13 years of brewing ultra-mega-mondo ales. How will it fare on the Pint of No Return?

To The Pint

Jeremy - Balanced, hops and a nice sweet malt backbone. Easy to drink, refreshing. 8/10Gary - Love this beer. Known for west coast hop style, but this red ale makes a nicely balanced brew. 9/10Keith - Easy to drink and approachable. Not sticky sweet, but balanced. 8/10
Rob - This is more like UN-lucky 13. Just bad. Bitter, up front punching in face hate it hate it hate it. But I have to admire capitalism. 3/10

Total: 7/10

Pint Taken

Pluto poots on Charon - an answer to the Big Red Spot on CharonNetflix rises from the bandwidthial depths! 

Half Pints

Rob - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - With magic long since lost to England, two men are destined to bring it back.Gary - Hell or High Water - A western heist movie. Worth a watch. Soundtrack by Nick Cave, which was absolutely perfect.Keith - Olo: a head-to-head game on the iPad.Jeremy - CineFix YouTube channel. All kinds of lists about movies. And recut trailers. And all kinds of other stuff.

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