NC #562 AppleCare, Robo 3D, Ember, MyScript Stylus, Belty, Urbanears, Hydrao

We get to listen to three more CES Interviews: Robo 3D Printers - a company with a social conscience, Ember Smart Mug to keep your liquids hot (or cold) and Hydrao Smart Shower Head that hopes to gamify your water usage. I mix into that an interesting story about how Dorothy almost lost $300 worth of music from iTunes but employing the "if you don't like what Mom says, ask Dad" strategy she got all of her music back. I also do a review of the awesome MyScript Stylus "keyboard" for iOS that does on-the-fly OCR as you write by hand with a stylus or Apple Pencil. We also have a quick conversation with Bart Busschots from about the bruhaha that broke just recently when Adobe's Creative Cloud installer broke Backblaze backup software.