Show X - Episode 255 - Ken plays Pokémon GO solo

Ken is hosting all by himself again, it has been a while. Since all he has been doing is working he jumps right into Geek Cred to talk all about the Pokemon craze that has recently grabbed the world. Ken regails us with his ninja Pokemon skills and tricks to how to control Evee evolutions. Ken has also reinstalled Skyrim along with loads and loads of mods. He had much fun until he broke it and went back to Payday 2. Ken has finally realized that games can get dull once you get far enough along that you can beat anyone. Ken has upgraded his video consuption ability with a new Chromecast.
In the Geek-O-Scope, did Bethesda steal content from a modder? Evolve going free to play is apparently a successful move. According to science, Pokemon is hugely popular. Warning, pay attention to your surroundings while playing Pokemon GO.

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