Season 6 Highlights

This month we're talking about our favorite highlights from season 6. Here are the ones we chose from:

Rescue from the Vale Arya's Sweeney Todd moment Ramsay's Death Jon standing alone against Ramsay's army Jon's resurrection Arya becomes no one & promptly reclaims her identity The Hound's return Cersei's revenge Hold the door Benjen returns & then leaves Bran's time travelling / Tower of Joy Brienne saves Sansa & fulfills her vow to Catelyn Tormund & Brienne Dany, Yara, Missandei Tyrion and the dragons Tyrion, Missandei, Grey Worm Dany & the slavers Trial by fire The unholy alliance of Margaery & the High Sparrow LYANNA MORMONT! Jon declared King of the North Dragons! AND SHIPS! Tommen's death Children of the Forest created the white walkers Blackfish - get off my lawn

Which were yours? Let us know!





New species of ant named after GoT dragons! Ommegang announced this month their latest GoT themed ale & are bringing back an old flavor! Sophie went blonde! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????





How "Hold the door!" worked in 21 different languages Tired of the US Presidential Race? This one might be more to your liking D'aaaaawwwww! The GoT proposal at Comicon





Game of Thrones Concert? Yes, please: Fandoms! Kit Harington drives a fast car while reciting poetry because why wouldn't he?: