Season 03, Episode 23

Tonight we are drinking Meyer Lemon Lager from Anchor Brewing. This is a lager made with Meyer lemons. Anchor says:

Our goal with Anchor's Meyer Lemon Lager™ was to create a brew that would highlight the delectable character of this singular fruit: brightness without sharpness, fullness of flavor without heaviness, floral aroma without floweriness, complexity without cacophony. When life hands you Meyer lemons, make Meyer Lemon Lager! 

The PNR hosts are pretty split on the Anchor beers; it will be interesting to see how this one does.

To The Pint

Jeremy - Like licking the inside of lemon peel. You know. The part that isn't very good. Boring base beer, without much flavor. Lousy aftertaste. Missed the lemon flavor completely. - 3/10Gary - A little sour at the end. More like lemon peel. The beer I'm drinking is not the beer described on their web site. Tastes like a summer beer, but it's a year round beer. Not a terrible lager. - 7/10Keith - A lager with a sour aftertaste. Clean. Crisp. Typical lager, heavy on the corn flavor. Drinkable I guess. - 4/10
Rob - Rounded flavor. Something like a shandy. - 7/10

Total: 5.25/10

Pint Taken

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Half Pints

Sorry, we talked too much tonight. No half pints.

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