Season 03, Episode 22: Pineapple Sculpin and Stranger Things

We move down to San Diego for tonight's beer. Ballast Point has been producing variants of their Sculpin IPA for a while now. In fact, we tried the Habanero Sculpin back in Season 2, Episode 15. Jeremy and Keith both rated the Habanero at 8/10, while Rob gave it a 1, for a total of 5.7/10.

Tonight, we are trying the Pineapple Sculpin, an IPA that comes in at 7.0% ABV. Will it do better or worse than the Habanero?

To The Pint

Jeremy - Lots of pineapple on the nose. Not much in the flavor profile. Lots of bitterness. Basically an IPA. - 6/10Gary - Pineapple doesn't stand out in this. Just tastes like an IPA. - 7/10Rob - Kind of lays there. Hops, not much pineapple. - 5/10Keith - Doesn't make me want to go bareback. Pineapple just fades away. Basically their Sculpin. - 6/10

Total: 6/10

Pint Taken

Stranger Things, a Netflix original series that is a throwback to 80′s pop culture.

Half Pints

Jeremy - - Make your own Stranger Things titles.Gary - - make shopping suck lessRob - Hard Knocks - HBO documentary that follows an NFL team through training campKeith - AP News app - just the news

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