Episode 251, “Ha ha! They’re using their hands!”


Big news about STD:

Set 10 years before TOS.

More aliens on the crew than before.

There will be robots.

Serialized but each weekly chapter will also feature closed-end stories (Like Dark Matter).

Alien looks and ships will be modernized & updated.

Female minority lead - not the captain.

Set in the Klingon wars.

Gay character.

Spock's mom will be in it.

Casting is underway now.

Roddenberry Vault Film Restoration Project bit.ly/2aF92Qa

At ST50LV, Ira Steven Behr said: "We are making a DS9 documentary" that will include the story of Season 8 Episode 1

Star Trek Continues next episode debuts Sept 2 at SLC Comicon

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: With your current skills, what position would u be assigned to on the Enterprise?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Eddie Murphy - Delirious, 1983. Live standup show.

Lots of bleeps for the next 1.5 minutes.


Episode insight: TAS: Albatross

Character insight - Angela Martine

Ken P.

Episode: http://media.libsyn.com/media/worldofwarcast/ThisWeekinTrekEpisode251.mp3