Coverville 1136: The 50th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles’ Revolver

It's the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles' album 'Revolver,' and I know of no better way to celebrate than with a bunch of covers. No, seriously, I don't know any other way to celebrate this. Maybe I have a problem. (65 minutes)

Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy Taxman Craig Wedren 2:26 Taxman Beatles 12 Eleanor Rigby (feat. Fresh Body Shop) Circ 2:18 A Tribute to the Beatles - Beatlesmania Beatles Amazon I'm Only Sleeping Suggs 4:20 The Lone Ranger Beatles 6 Amazon Love You To Cornershop 3:23 Yellow Submarine Resurfaces Beatles 5 Amazon Here, There And Everywhere Belarus 5:15 MOJO Magazine - Revolver Reloaded Beatles 8 Amazon Yellow Submarine Buddy Miller 2:47 Let Us In Americana the Music of Paul McCartney Beatles 10 Amazon She Said She Said Jerry Chapman 3:04 Rumors Of My Death Beatles 9 iTunes Amazon Good Day Sunshine Roy Redmond 2:41 Glass Onion: Songs of the Beatles Beatles 8 Amazon And Your Bird Can Sing Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs 2:07 Under The Covers: Vol. 1 Beatles 6 Amazon For No One Rick Springfield 2:26 The Day After Yesterday Beatles 11 iTunes Amazon Doctor Robert Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles 2:31 Tomorrow Never Knows: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Revolver Beatles 3 Amazon I Want To Tell You Doug Kilishek 2:13 Submission Beatles 4 Got To Get You Into My Life Earth Wind & Fire 4:04 We Can Work It Out Beatles 12 Amazon Tomorrow Never Knows Danielle Dax 5:15 Blast The Human Flower Beatles 20 iTunes Amazon Paperback Writer Kris Kristofferson 2:24 Come Together: America Salutes the Beatles Beatles 8 Amazon Rain Petula Clark 3:00 All You Need Is Covers - The Songs Of The Beatles Beatles 8 Amazon