Coverville 1132: Fred Schneider and the B-52’s Cover Story II

In honor of Fred Schneider's 65th birthday earlier this month, how about a quick set of B-52's and solo covers! (52 girls minutes)

Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy Coconut Fred Schneider 5:06 For The Love Of Harry - Everybody Sings Nilsson Harry Nilsson 5 Amazon Rock Lobster (Live) Les touffes krétiennes 4:24 Crazy Punk Brass Band Live B-52's iTunes Love Shack Pickin' On Series 5:07 Pickin' and Singin' - The Biggest Hits of the 1980's Vol. 1 B-52's 4 Amazon Roam Caroline Sunshine 3:05 Roam (From ''Treasure Buddies'') B-52's 5 Amazon Give Me Back My Man Love Grenades 3:38 Uncovering a Cure B-52's 4 Sing Peter Jöback feat. Kate Pierson 4:00 East Side Stories Travis 2 iTunes Amazon I'm in Love Kate Pierson 2:54 Lost Songs of Lennon & McCartney Fourmost 2 Amazon 52 Girls The Offspring 2:46 Contains No Caffeine B-52's 3 Lava (Tribute Fest II: The B-52s) Action Camp 5:25 10 Year Compilation (2006 - 2016) B-52's Bandcamp Mesopotamia Nova Menco 5:32 Fortune Teller B-52's Amazon