Coverville 1127: Neil Finn Cover Story and Indie Hodgepodge

A tribute to Neil Finn for his 60th, and some Indie Hodgepodge! (80 minutes)

Featuring Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy I Got You Lava Baby 4:06 Big Muff (Expanded) Split Enz 3 Amazon Pineapple Head Natalie Imbruglia 3:23 She Will Have Her Way Crowded House 2 She's Not There Crowded House 2:40 Other Enz: Split Enz & Beyond Vol. 1 Zombies 8 It's Only Natural Jenny Morris & Don McGlashan 3:19 With A Little Help From Our Friends - The RocKwiz Duets Vol IV Crowded House Two Of Us Neil Finn & Liam Finn 3:15 I Am Sam (Japan) Beatles 9 Into Temptation Curtis Stigers 4:53 Let's Go Out Tonight Crowded House 3 iTunes Amazon Words Of Love Neil Finn & Paul Kelly 2:19 Goin' Your Way Buddy Holly 6 I Feel Possessed Oh Mercy 3:15 He Will Have His Way: The Songs Of Tim And Neil Finn Crowded House 2 Private Universe Shawn Colvin 3:53 Uncovered Crowded House 2 Throw Your Arms Around Me Crowded House 2:57 Farewell To The World Hunters & Collectors 7 iTunes Amazon Better Be Home Soon Minnie Driver 3:21 Ask Me To Dance Crowded House 5 iTunes Amazon Weather With You The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra 3:10 The Heartache EP Crowded House 6 Mr. Tambourine Man Crowded House 2:33 I Feel Possessed (Single) Bob Dylan/Byrds 8 Don't Dream It's Over Nell Bryden 3:52 BBC Radio 2: Sounds of the 80s Vol. 2 Crowded House 11 Stuff & Nonsense Neil Finn & Friends 4:20 7 Worlds Collide Live At The St. James Split Enz Enter Sandman Shel 2:48 Enter Sandman Metallica 15 The Fishin' Hole (Andy Griffith Show theme) Little Muddy 3:02 Future City TV Theme/Hagen & Spencer Call Me Maureen Toth 3:24 Cut Flowers Blondie 22 Crystal Ship Robert Rex Waller Jr. 3:27 Fancy Free Doors 4