Collecting in Legion

Hey guys (and girls), this is Joe from the podcast. I am here to give you people an idea on collecting mats in Legion. Now we did talk about Demon Hunters (DH) on In that show we hold a little talk about DH vs. Druids. Now usually Druids were the best for collecting skins but now they may have some compitition. I think that it will be close between DH and druids for collecting skins, herbs and ore WHILE GROUNDED (flying will change things). here are the pictures on what I am talking about:

Now i still thing that Druids will still take it due to there speed boosts but with DH talents it will be a good arguement to do some collecting. I DO NOT WISH to change your minds about what to level or collect with first. This is just a thought on what you could use for collecting mats in Legion. We shall se what happens going forward. So what will you do? What will you chose?
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Joe (AKA Kerosenekid)