Season 03, Episode 19

Tonight we continue the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp pack. There are six different collaboration brews in the pack, and we will be covering one each episode.

Number four is Family Values Imperial Brown Ale. This brown ale clocks in at a healthy 8.5%. This beer is a collaboration with August Schell Brewing Co, Dark Horse Brewing Co, Sun King Brewery, Perennial Artisan Ales, Half Acre Beer Co, and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 

To The Pint

Jeremy - Boozy. Roasty, with a bit of cocoa. - 8/10Keith - Love/hate relationship with brown ale. I have to be in the right mood. More complex than a typical brown ale. - 9/10Gary - A chewing kind of beer. Almost stout like, but without the coffee flavors. A bite from the alcohol. - 9/10Rob - Hearty! Delicious! Very tasty. Nice roasted toffee taste. Malty, with a hint of cocoa. Nice finish. -  9/10

Total: 8.75/10

To The Pint (Moxee-Moron catch up for Gary)

Gary - An amazing IPA. Great summertime beer. Tropical flavors. - 9/10

Pint Taken

Star Trek 50th anniversary beer - from Schmaltz brewing. The ingredients seem to have been chosen for their names, rather than for how well they will work together. Will this beer be worth drinking, or should it be taken out and shot with a phaser set to disintegrate?Is 3D printing dead?New Star Trek series coming to Netflix. Unless you are in the US or Canada.

Half Pints

Jeremy - Um Chagga Lagga, the new single from Pixies.Keith - Perchang: A gorgeous physics puzzler for iOS.Keith BONUS PICK - Sky News: Hardcore news site.Gary - Tracky Train. Guide a train to pick up and drop off passengers.Rob - Stranger Things Netflix series set in the 80′s.Rob BONUS PICK: News aggregator that will show you news from the left or right viewpoint.

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