New live shows on the channel expansion Beta!

Greetings Alpha Geeks!

I have been working on expanding the capacity of the network with an additional four channels of video and radio. These new channels are different from the existing channels in that they will not be rigidly scheduled, and will allow show hosts who have a less-structured approach to streaming to still simulcast across all of the outlets and devices that Alpha Geek has in place, from basic radio on your mobile phone, to the largest home theater setup you can imagine.

Please welcome these new shows and hosts, who are helping me develop the new "dynamic" Alpha Geek channels!

Black Mirror: Reflections: Black Mirror Refection is a fancast on the show Black Mirror hosted by Kari Simms, Stacy Baldwin, and Jackie Hern. The show is recorded live on Fridays at 2 PM Eastern.

HockeyBuzzCast Live: A hockey call-in live podcast with Eklund, Michael Augello and a variety of guests from the hockey world. Recorded every Monday through Friday and heard on

Ashley Paramore a.k.a. FakeGamerGirl: Vegan cooking, swearing, & tears. Based out of Oakland, California with her husband and three bird dragons, Ashley Paramore cooks vegan food for your entertainment. From omelettes to 'chicken' wings, she'll teach you how to make vegetables not taste like dirt.

The Doubleclicks Live: The Doubleclicks are two sisters, a cello, and songs about dinosaurs, Jane Austen and dungeons and dragons.  We've been called snarky, geeky, and sweet, and we tour around the US quite a bit. Hello! When streaming new Video Blogs & Livestream shows, they will simulcast live across Alpha Geek Video and Radio.

CORE: Join Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger, and Beau Schwartz each week. Heroes of The Storm is our obsession, and maybe it can be yours too. So much so, this show will be something you can t wait to download every week.

Experience Points: Experience Points, with Scott Johnson, is a full 3 hour block comprised of PC gaming news, commentary, live calls, and LOTS and LOTS of live gameplay. That includes interviews with other gamers and developers, game reviews, and some (mostly) friendly live competition with some of your favorite Frogpants and gaming personalities.

Politics! Politics! Politics!: Justin Robert Young announces his intention to dissect the run for the White House. Just think, while you been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world you could have been getting down to this sick beat.

JuRY Talks: A podcast wherein Justin Robert Young talks at you. Justin Robert Young wants you to know that he has opinions. Movies, politics, R.L. Stine and much more is covered weekly. Seriously, it's not total nonsense. But it's mostly nonsense.

JocePlays: Jocelyn Moffett has been podcasting for over four years. Her success on The Gamers' Inn and The Angry Chicken on the network have allowed her to pursue podcasting and Twitch streaming full time.

Starmike TV: I'm Mike, aka 'Starman', and I've been playing videogames pretty much since they were invented. I've had a long-time fascination with audio and radio, and I started podcasting in 2005 with "World of Warcast", the first and longest running WoW podcast until I retired it in 2015, exactly 10 years to the day I started the show. I decided to move into the world of streaming by setting up here, playing games both old and new.

Mark Steadman’s 7 Day Trial: Join Mark, a Brit with a pop-culture passion, as he discovers new movies, music, books and more in his weekly review show. Every Friday, he takes a suggestion from his friends and tries it for seven days. Watch and listen live at 9:00AM Mountain every Friday for Mark Steadman’s 7 Day Trial to find out what you should be telling your friends about!