ART Ep. 171: Undercity Under Siege

Ben and Jon discuss cut content, flying in the future, and give away some beta codes!

We have out Beta Code Transmog Contest Winners! Class Contest: Ben's pick: J Ekman

Jon's pick: Ravensong

Random pick 1: Jake Stephens

Random pick 2: Andrew Holmes

Cool Contest Ben's pick: Korbin Smith

Jon's pick: Saanji

Random pick 1: Umistybro

Random pick 2: Redsniper

Funny Contest Ben's pick: John June

Jon's pick: Rejj

Random pick 1: Frank Rolr

Random pick 2: Michael Coleman

Thank you everyone who entered!  We received a ton of submissions, all of them exceeding the expectations that Jon and I had making this an incredibly hard contest to judge.  Your support and enthusiasm means a great deal!  Thank you!