BNN #2 - Convert to Raid presents: Suck It, Cheaters!

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This week, Sharku, Gizmo and John join the crew as we talk about Warcraft and other Blizzard games!

10:08 - The Warcraft Movie premiered (for North America) in LA, and some of our guys were there. The crew on this show wasn't, but did catch the Red (actually black) Carpet video on Twitch.

19:28 - After 10 years of working at Blizzard, lead game developer Jay Wilson leaves Blizzard and the gaming industry. The crew takes a look at this sometimes controversial dev and wishes him bon voyage!

23:38 - Blizzard is teaming up with Facebook to bring its suite of games to the masses! Soon you'll be able to see which of your Facebook friends is playing, join in, and maybe even stream to Facebook Live with just the click of a mouse. How do our players react?

33:33 - The guys discuss some of the latest from the beta, including a post from Celestalon about revamping talents just a couple of months away from launch, draw distance, music and more.

41:44 - Remember that discussion about legacy/pristine servers? So do we. This week the crew follows up with Nostalrius as the meet up with Blizzard big wigs.

48:53 - Overwatch recruits more than 7 million players and bans over 1500 for cheating.

58:07 - Heroes of the Storm is getting some revamps, now available on the PTR (like MMR changes!).

1:07:00 - ESPORTS: including Heroes NA Qualifier recap, the upcoming Hearthstone European Spring Qualifier, and an Overwatch Invitational. Oh… and watch this Azmo-dunk play -

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