BNN #1 - Convert to Raid Presents: The Beginning Again!

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This week, Sharku and Gizmo join the crew as we make a BIG announcement and talk about Warcraft and other Blizzard games!


The Warcraft movie has been released internationally, but still 10 days away from it's launch in the U.S. How do box office numbers, internet reviews and the crew's opinions stack up to help viewers expectations? What will be the real teller of whether or not this movie is a success?


Overwatch is the Blizzard's fastest selling console game (in the UK), which shouldn't be any surprise. The guys will go behind the numbers a bit and talk about OW's first competitive tournament along the way. What lies in store for Blizzard's newest game?


Plus, Heroes of the Storm turns 1, Hearthstone tournaments go legit, your questions and more in this first installment of The Battlenet News!


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