Season 03, Episode 11

Tonight! Bring Your Own Cinco! For our Cinco de Mayo show, we are going to drink Mexican beers.

To The Pint

Regular beer - tastes with Mr. Michelada mix - this stuff is too sweet. Make your own!with Las Mejores Beercheladas in a styrofoam cup - OH DEAR LORD THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!with Lime Brew Salt - This redeems it. with Habanero Brew Salt  - Not bad, but the lime is better.1/10

Pint Taken

You sank my Remote Controlled Battleship!!! - The US is testing an unmanned drone warship. What could possibly go wrong?
Wheel of Time tries to go all Westeros on us! - Massive high fantasy series coming to TV. Think Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings meets Battlestar Galactica.

Half Pints

Jeremy - Burn the Witch, the new single from Radiohead. Sounds like Radiohead; if you like the band, you will probably like this single. And the video is pretty awesome.Keith - WarBits game for iOS. Turn based strategy game.Rob - Memoir '44 (board game and Steam app) - historical WWII simulation. 

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