SMRpodcast #294: Cruising Mosquitos

Episode #294 of the SMRpodcast is online and ready for download.   We've got a full crew for the first time in nearly a month and waste no time getting to recent events  and ultimately to the tech 'goings on' for the last week.

We start the show of with a story Robb's vacation woe's and the further cementing of Chris's stance of never getting on a cruise ship.

On of the tech stories and a new way of asking the SMRpodcast Facebook community for show topics was Robb throwing is ugly mug up in a Facebook Live video.  Facebook added a ton of new features to Facebook Live on Wednesday, one of which was live streaming directly to a group.  Needless to say, the minions responded and supplied dozens of show topics.

The big tech story was Microsoft admitting that they aren't really focusing on Mobile.  This is not a big surprise to anyone that has been paying attention for the last year or more, but, it is still revealing to see Microsoft's CEO admit it as well as see very little talk of Windows 10 Mobile at Build, Microsoft' developer conference.  Interestingly enough, Rod, not Robb, walks away with the Anti-Microsoft tag.  (In the spirit of full disclosure, Robb agrees wholeheartedly with Rod's sentiment.)

As Robb predicted and cosigned by Chris, Rod has decided to by one of the Luxury Teslas, the model X.  The only shocking thing about Rod getting an X was that he actually believed that he wasn't getting either an X or an S.  Sometimes your boys know you better than you know yourself.

Rod gets a high-end Android wear time piece, the new Vivaldi web browser impresses the entire crew, Twitter and T-Mobile get into streaming sports, and the new HP Specter Ultrabook looks awesome but has a crappy display.  We've got all this, our pics, and more in episode #294 of the SMRpodcast.

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Chris Ashley — @bigchrisashley
Robb Dunewood -- @robbdunewood
Rod Simmons -- @rodsimmons


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