Show X - Episode 245 - When Geeks Cry

Show X laments the loss of the Artist, Prince. Except for Ken who doesn't enjoy great musicians.
Ken enjoyed a Mexican fiesta at a firend's and also a lot of tequilla... but it was in celebration of doing so well on his presentation at University. He and Kitten also got to enjoy some lovely seasoned meat.
Wayne went out and watched the new Disney Jungle Book movie. He also believes that he has diagnosed his little toy Miata that had spewed it's fluids all over the highway a week earlier. Wayne has also been busy preparing to celebrate another decade of life being complete. He has also been watching the French show, The Miraculous Ladybug.
Our emails this week let us know about updates to Sphero's BB-8 toy and start a discussion on the differences between inexpensive and expensive keyboards.
In Geek Cred, Ken has decided that he sucks at League of Legends until he doesn't. Banished no longer satisfies him, but he is enjoying Tower Wars and Rocket League and has lots to look forward with Hearthstone. Wayne is still fighting and somewhat winning with his 3d Printer. He is getting close to finishing his cosplays for the summer, played some Ultra Rapid Fire LoL and Rainbow 6 Siege.
The Geek-O-Scope is chaulked full of news this week about Rocket League, Hearthstone, new Elder Scrolls, Warcraft movie info, and terms the gaming industry uses to trick you.

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