Show X - Episode 244 - Ken doesn't do Yellow

Sorry all, no Teh-ray today as Denver has a winter storm that kept everyone indoors. Ken has been out shooting Pigeons without any health and safety. Then he gets ready to present himself at his University PHD day. And with these accomplishments, he is looking forward to getting to take a proper vacation from work.
Wayne was able to rescue his little Miata wiht the help of his friend Schady and a very long and rainy adventure back home. He also just misses out on seeing the new Jungle Book movie from Disney, which he is really excited to check out.
Ken has realized that he cannot wear Yellow anything... and has been dissapointed by British television, but is looking to check out Mr. Robot next. Ken has also picked up his guitar again and does for us to play a bit of music.
Congratulations to Agriassw and Ambrosia Hearnet for celebrating 6 years together.
The guys also give everyone some sites to keep track of PC game deals, go save some moeny everyone.
Ken has stopped playing WoW again.... Surprised?
Wayne continues to 3d print things through his ups and downs of the tech. He aslo had to get a new mouse and has been playing some of the Doom and Battleborn betas and started his first time through Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
In the Geekoscope, the guys talk about new Fallout 4 DLC, a new Mirror's Edge, A Warcraft Prequel book, and the true end of Fable.

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