Show X - Episode 242 - Don't Let your Kids grow up to be Ignorant

Ken makes students feel awkward this week and makes a poster for his PHD. Wayne socialized old school style by jamming out to an 80's cover band and spending an entire day watching classic 90's cartoons, eating cereal, drinking alcohol, and playing in a lube wrestling pool with friends. Agriassw asks, Was sailor moon a strong LGBT icon in the 90's?
Show X gets a little Your Opinion is Wrong today by expressing how the guys are highly against the perpetuation of ignorance in the world.
Wayne is having some continuing issues with his 3d printer...Thermisters and clogging issues abound. He also made it out to the Clutch Gaming Arena to visit Kaza Yuri for his birthday celebration. He is thoroughly impressed by the gaming setup they have and the pricing they offer.
Wayne has finally gone back to trying out League of Legends regular match in Draft mode. The new UI for running matches is really quite nice. He has also dabbled in some Diablo III with the free starter pack and he is really insterested in an upcoming MMOARPG, Lost Ark, based on the trailers available on YouTube.
Ken finally got his camera back and has been out being a photographer yet again. He is still watching Stargate Univers and is looking to read some new fantasy book series.
Finally, the guys talk about some of the April Fools jokes that they found online this last week.

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