Season 03, Episode 10

Tonight is a BYOB show. One day we will get it together and drink the same beer again. We promise.

To The Pint

Jeremy, Keith, and Gary are drinking Hopocalypse Black Label. Rob didn't get a bottle of this, because he would hate it, and it's not worth sending an expensive, limited release bottle….

Jeremy - Knee Deep Brewing Breaking Bud. An IPA made with Mosaic, Simcoe, and CTZ. At 6.7%, it's not huge, but 22 ounces of it have a kick.  9/10Keith - Leinenkugel's BeerGarten Tart - 4.8% ABV, very tart, very clear, similar to a berlinerweiss. Bright, gets the back of your throat. Great summer beer. Predicting this will be the Summer of Sours! 9/10Gary - Lagunitas Lucky 13 - Awesome. Big, bold, up front flavor. Not super hoppy, which is a little unexpected from Lagunitas. The malty character you would expect from a red ale. 8.8% ABV, 8/10Rob - Abita Andygator is an 8% ABV dopplebock. Thick, hearty, tasty beer.  9/10

Pint Taken - Beer topics! - Lots of other topics!
Indiana Jones 5 - yay? meh?

Half Pints

Angry Birds Transformers - side scrolling action game meets Angry Birds.

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