Season 03, Episode 09

Hey, look at that, we did a podcast! Three of us are drinking Hopocalypse Black Label from Drakes. Rob is drinking a BYOB.

To The Pint

Jeremy, Keith, and Gary are drinking Hopocalypse Black Label. Rob didn't get a bottle of this, because he would hate it, and it's not worth sending an expensive, limited release bottle….

Jeremy -This is a great beer. Grapefruit. Pine. Citrus. Malt. It has everything that is good about IPA, but more of it. 10/10Keith - I'm getting my Pliny Glow. Hoppy and burny. A wonderful sipping beer. Not as clean as Pliny; a little sticky going down. 9/10Gary - Powerful hops. Can taste the alcohol. If you don't like IPA's or hops, avoid this beer. Everything a triple IPA with an obscene amount of hops should be. 10/10

Total: 9.7/10

Rob is drinking a ZiegenBock Amber

Rob - A light beer for an amber, only 4%. Similar in taste to Shiner Bock, but not as much Bock. Tasty, refreshing.

Total: 7/10

Pint Taken

Rogue One Trailer Hits, SW Anthology picksBatman v Superman Review

Half Pints

Rob: Stack - a puzzle/stacking gameRob BONUS PICK: Daredevil on NetflixGary: Emma: Gary's daughter is taking a photography class, and happened to take a photo of the Point Reyes Shipwreck the day it was burned. She took what is possibly the last film photo of the boat before it was burned.Keith: Good Knight Story app for iOS, and Priime photos for iOSJeremy: Merged - a puzzle game for iOS 

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