New Live Shows!

Greetings Alpha Geeks!

Please welcome two new live shows from the hosts over at Inked Geek Studios!

Mondays at 7:30PM Mountain:

Mind of A Geek: Join Nate and Brandon as they delve into the mind of their geek of the week. Whether it be podcasting, gaming, writing, cosplaying or anything else.  Nate and Brandon will explore what it is that the guest does, how they got started, and really anything else that comes up! Spend this hour or so with Nate and Brandon as they are joined by cosplayers, authors, live streamers, podcasters and beyond!

Sundays at 1:30PM Mountain:

Sonics & Sabers:This podcast is everything Doctor Who and Star Wars. Hosts Brandon & Nate will guide you through this treacherous side of space. Brandon who is a veteran to the Doctor Who universe will be guiding Nate, who is new to the show, giving him advice and understanding. Nate, who is a huge Star Wars fan, will talk all things Star Wars. The show will also contain generalized nerdy topics.