Show X - Episode 238 - Living forever under the red and blue lights

Show X continues to have some minor technical issues, but manages to still provide a full show. One of these difficulties is a young and loud dog in Wayne's basement. Ken is just back from Amsterdam where he, Kitten Features, and his mother took a vacation and tells stories of what they experienced. Which leads to talks about travel and the security systems in place for people to travel between countries. Ken's Mum enjoyed what could be consumed in Amsterdam and Kitten fell, but did not land on her feet. Ken almost has a go at it with two different men, which Wayne attributes to his height. On his trip, Ken also took his mom to the Red Light district whitch leeds to some discussions about individual rights and the rights for free speech, even when it effects others.
Wayne and Ken then talk shows and how Wayne tends to avoid the things that are most popular at the moment. Wayne is still watching and enjoying Supernatural, way after everyone else has already enjoyed it.
Finally Wayne brings up some recent updates in genetic technology and the possibility of changing all of your DNA, to change eye colors, skin tone, or even living forever through science. What are the ramifications of these advancements, would you want to live forever?

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