Show X - Episode 237 - The Efficiency of Tens of Thousands of Years of Porn

Show X wishes both Earthweaver and Pokemon a happy birthday this weekend. Ken is on the road this week and is suffering with poor internets. To pass his time he has been enjoying all of the "Nice Walks" around the town he is in. At least it is quite lovely. Ken laments not having the luxury of a pool at his hotel, so he created one in the room itself. Both Ken and Wayne have booked all of their future travel for vacations and cons coming up and Wayne watched "Straight out of Compton" and helps Earthweaver do some scouting at a volleyball tournament.
Ken has found a new band to enjoy, Steam Powered Giraffe and is still spending his geek time playing WoW. Wayne has been joining VtW members, flying the skies of War Thunder and geeks out over some new cameras from Canon.
Two big questions this week. Should people take better care in how they treat the robots they are creating and should a government be able to compel a company to break its customers trust in order to help further a case?

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