Episode 228, “Star Trek: 5000”


Nicholas Meyer named as a consulting producer & staff writer for new CBS Trek. "Different Direction"

Trek Talks speaker series explores Star Trek's influence on technology, science, society, culture and more. http://www.startrek.com/trek_talks

Pulaski Day is the first Monday in March. It's a Chicago thing & that's all I know about it.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Surely by the 24th century there will be a cure for baldness. That means Picard choses to be bald, right?

A: Gene Roddenberry - By the 24th century we'll no longer judge people by their appearance.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Survivor's Remorse :: Six - A basketball player is discussing product endorsement deals with friends.


Episode insight: TNG S2: Unnatural Selection

Character insight - Fitzpatrick

Subspace communications

Episode: http://media.libsyn.com/media/worldofwarcast/ThisWeekinTrekEpisode228.mp3