Coverville 1115: The Pink Floyd Cover Story III

In honor of David Gilmour's 70th Birthday, let's revisit the music of Pink Floyd for the third time! (88 minutes)

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Featuring Title Artist Length Album Original Artist Versions See Emily Play wiReless 4:06 Come Again: Essential Interpretations Pink Floyd 7 One Of These Days (Live Album Version) Blue Man Group 3:11 How To Be A Megastar Live Pink Floyd Time Pickin' On Series 4:28 Pickin' On Pink Floyd: A Bluegrass Tribute Pink Floyd 7 Run Like Hell Corinne Sheehan 4:09 Tribute - Echoes of Pink Pink Floyd 6 Wish You Were Here Sally Semrad 4:30 A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd: Us (Disc 1) Pink Floyd 15 Money little hurricane 4:03 Stay Classy (A Collection of Cover Songs) Pink Floyd 12 Comfortably Numb Collide 6:29 These Eyes Before Pink Floyd 16 Welcome to the Machine Queensrÿche 4:54 Take Cover Pink Floyd 6 Brain Damage Ariane Moffatt 4:05 Trauma Pink Floyd 7 Shine On You Crazy Diamond Kendra Morris 4:41 Mockingbird Pink Floyd 3 Breathe The Shins 3:17 The Saturday Sessions: The Dermot O'Leary Show Pink Floyd 4 Us And Them Nena 7:04 Cover Me Pink Floyd 7 Another Brick In The Wall Keller & The Keels (Featuring Keller Williams) 7:05 Grass Pink Floyd 8 In The Flesh? The Polka Floyd Show 4:45 Live!!! At The Ohio Theatre! Pink Floyd 5 Hey You The Binghamton Crosbys 4:09 The Red Room Pink Floyd 8 Mother Natalie Maines 5:52 Mother Pink Floyd 6