62 – Homeschool Talk, Ladies’ Bags, and Hamentashen with Laurie Cantus

When the cats away, Sable will play! (Laurie's edit: Whatever. his wife was sitting there). This week Dave was too busy working and making money to join us. So we, special guest Laurie Cantus, and Sable took time to talk about the very important topic of Homeschooling. Don't worry, there were plenty of Coda's farts in this show to keep you laughing as well as the secrets of the hamentashen cookie. (Well, not really secrets).

Sable confesses about being a loser high-school dropout and talks about a life-long obsession (or fear) of ladies' handbags. (Well, not so dramatic really). <-- (Laurie's edit: okay people he is SERIOUSLY dramatic about purses. It's weird.)

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Episode: http://www.theindispensableshow.com/podcast-download/560/62-homeschool-talk-ladies-bags-and-hamentashen.mp3