The SciFi Geeks Club #89 – Shawn and Kevin Burns

On this episode of The SciFi Geeks Club..  We discuss DC Comics' Geoff Johns on how the 'Rebirth' reboot is actually a lot like Star Wars, Doctor Who coming back to streaming! … on Amazon Prime, The BBC reinventing The Twilight Zone as a radio drama, and, all about NBC's DC comics comedy Powerless. Plus, the BIG QUESTION, "What did we all think of the X-Files revival?"

In ING segment this week included… Star Wars: A Poster Collection, Levi's World website, Interstellar, Lifeline and Order of the Stick

Host panel included Dave Nelson, Brad Ludwig and Corey Scott

Our guests on this episode are the hosts of the Exploring the X-Files from Wolfking Studios, Shawn and Kevin Burns.

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