Show X - Episode 236 - Wayne's fatigued geekery

It was a long night of gaming for Wayne as he stayed up all night to host an early morning show so that he could be joined by Ken this week before he started traveling for work. If only we could put together a solid show technically... This week we deal with Ken's Mac which means his microphone may or may not work. Ken will try to fix things with money by buying new technology. Thanks to everyone who supports the show.
Ken has had an odd couple of weeks including being stalked by an old lady.
Wayne avoided the whole valentine's holiday by doing some dancing to piano music, as he is getting ready to try and get back in shape for the year. He is hoping to start eating better and working out more.
Ken is prepping himself for a lot of travel time without internets, by acquiring lots of media for his consumption. We will look forward to his reviews. Unfortunately for his gaming offline needs, he picked up Farming Simulator. As Ken starts informing Wayne about his WoW gaming, he almost succeeds in working through Wayne's constitution for staying awake.
Ken did manage to watch a couple really good movies in the last couple weeks, including The Martian and Deadpool. Yes you should see them both.
As Wayne works to stay awake, he shares stories of his time in the military, when he found the ability to fall asleep standing up, even while marching... Not a good thing.
Wayne also shares his adventures at Colorado Anime Fest where he succeeded in both getthing La Camp-Et ouf of her shell with cosplay and in surprising Ken by getting a sound bite from a famous voice actor, just for him. Wayne also manages to wake up to tell his story. Looks like cold air, caffeine, and great conventions are all it takes to keep Wayne going.
Wayne continues with hes impressions of the latest open beta of The Division and what it is like to use his Tobii eye tracker with the game.

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