Season 03, Episode 06

Keith is sick, so we are doing a BYOB show tonight.

To The Pint

Jeremy - Marin Brewing Company Raspberry Trail Ale
This 5% ABV beer is classified as a fruit beer.
Raspberry aroma, very light body, not much character. Doesn't taste bad, but not very interesting. Leaves a bit of a metallic aftertaste. Might be refreshing on a hot day. 5/10Rob - El Hefe Weizen from No Label Brewery
This is a 5.5% ABV Hefeweizen from Texas.
Crisp apple taste, lemon/citrus. Not getting cloves, which is a good thing. Very good hefeweizen, with plenty of banana esters. Not sweet, but crisp. 7/10Gary - Coronado Brewing Stingray IPA
This is a 7.9% IPA from a San Diego brewing company.
Really good. Light and refreshing; more earthy, grainy overtones vs citrus/floral. Not an assault on your taste buds. 8/10

Pint Taken

Super Bowl L: Broncos v Panthers
Gary: Broncos walk all over the Panthers
Jeremy: Panthers by 7
Rob: Broncos by 4

Half Pints

Man in the High Castle TV show - what would life be like if the Nazis won the war? Based on the Philip K. Dick novel.Freeblade iOS app - shoot 'em up set in the Warhammer 40,000 universeRoku - stream all the data!Plantronics BackBeat PRO - wireless bluetooth headphones that can pair with multiple devices.LIfeline - iOS game in the style of choose your own adventure.Supergirl - good girl superhero show, entertaining, production values are good.Mr. Robot - one of the better hacker based shows around.OpenEMU - awesome video game emulator for Mac OS X.Priime - photo processing app for iOS

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