February 2016 Patreon Hangout

The most burning question on everyone's mind is finally answered: "Mario or Luigi?". Special thanks to Geeklet for the awesome question!

As we mentioned in our January Patreon Hangout, The Gamers' Inn will be taking our Patreon campaign to a weekly model instead of a monthly one. Along with this change, we are completely revamping our milestones and pledge rewards. We are doing this to bring ourselves in line with the other Amove patreon campaigns, as well as shift our focus from rewarding ourselves to rewarding you with more content. If you have any questions or comments, hit us up!

We will only charge once per week, for the Wednesday "Prime" episode. Any other shows or unlocked content will never come to you at an additional Patreon charge. If you have concerns about monthly maximum charges, make sure to add a monthly maximum to your pledge amount.

Thank you for supporting us for over four years of TGI!


Monthly Hangout $50/week

TGI records live each week and sometimes Jocelyn and Ryan pop back on the stream to answer listener questions. With this milestone, Patrons will have an exclusive, scheduled, monthly hangout to ask a question or just chat about what you're playing!

Game Night $100/week

Thursday night Game Night has become iconic in the TGI community. You guys tell us what to play!

Inn-side the Game $150/week 

Once a month, Jocelyn and Ryan will do a special episode with in depth discussions about the story elements of a single player title, as chosen by you!

Quick Fire News $200/week

Ryan and Jocelyn will record a separate Quick Fire News episode once a week to give you a quick and dirty rundown of all that's going on in gaming.


$.01 or more per TGI Prime episode

Thank you for supporting The Gamers' Inn, you rock! All Patrons can cast their vote to decide what we play on Game Night, the game we spoil, and the news we quick fire. This also gives you access to the TGI Discord channel.

$1 or more per TGI Prime episode

You will get the above perk, plus early access to Patreon unlocked content before they go on the general feed (Patreon Hangout, Inn-side the Game, Quick Fire News, and any future milestones).

$2 or more per TGI Prime episode

The above perks and priority invites to Game Night and other TGI events! You also gain access to a new Discord voice chat room!

$50 or more per TGI Prime episode

You've leveled up to TGI Producer, welcome to the team! Alongside the above perks, we'll list you as a TGI Producer on our website and thank you at the end of each episode for your awesome support. You will also gain access to all TGI Discord voice chat rooms, including the live stream!

Our next Patron Hangout is on March 17th at 7 PM EST (every third Thursday of the month). Conveniently timed an hour before Game Night AND scheduled each month. Mark your calendars!

The Gamers' Inn is supported by the Patrons over at Patreon.com/TheGamersInn! If you enjoy our video game fueled banter and would like to support the show, join your fellow gamers as a Patron!

Have a question or comment for the show? Email the show at info@gamersinnpodcast.com!

Did you hear? We have a Discord server for Gamers' Inn fans! There's a general text and voice chat for non-Patrons, but Patreon supporters have access to voice channels we'll be using for Game Night.

The Gamers' Inn is a weekly podcast focused on all things video games! Each week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss what they're playing, go over industry related news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

The show is recorded live every Wednesday night at 7 Eastern on Amove.TV. Be sure to join in on the chat and connect with other listeners before, during and after the show!

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