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keith [1:21 PM]
At 12.75 years on this planet.... My oldest really has no concept of time or space.

I used to think she'd figure it out..... But now I am thinking this could be her "special need"

I wonder if there is government assistance for this sort thing.

pauley [1:27 PM]
I think there needs to be some sort of elaboration on this one. :-P

jeremybrooks [1:29 PM]
Some people never develop a concept of time.

keith [1:31 PM]
Well basically, she has no idea where her relative position is in either space and time, she is constantly running into things or stubbing her toe or finger or head... Yes she can stub her head. While at the same time has no concept of time.... You can tell her we are leaving in 2 minutes and she'll start a major craft project that she "can't just stop in the middle of" or you tell her she is going to grandmas in three hours and that won't be enough time for her to shower and pack.

For most people space and time intersect where you are, right now.... For her I think the lines might be parallel.

pauley [1:37 PM]

keith [1:47 PM]
STDD = Space Time Deficiency Disorder

I think I am going to start wearing a ribbon that doesn't quite meet in the middle to raise awareness.

jeremybrooks [1:51 PM]
So that time thing… that is just part of missing the Y chromosome.

pauley [1:52 PM]

keith [1:52 PM]
I don't know.... It's worse than the normal problem there.

But that's probably a good place for the research to start :)

Perhaps Y chromosome replacement therapy would help....

jeremybrooks [1:54 PM]
yes. but it would have other side effects that likely are not desired.

pauley [1:56 PM]

keith [1:56 PM]
In a daughter..... They might be desired :)