S03 E04: Holiday Sam’s Continued

We are back, and ready to dive into some more Sam Adams winter beers. Tonight we will drink Winter Lager and Chocolate Bock.

To The Pint

Winter Lager

Jeremy - Off flavors; bitter but not in a good way. Reminds me of drinking orange juice after brushing my teeth. 3/10Keith - A nice spiced lager. A little richer; the cinnamon, orange and ginger come through and it is well balanced. Want more booze in it to compliment the spice. 6/10Rob - Completely agree with Keith. Hearty, nutty, the extra flavors round this out nicely. Similar to Shiner Bock, but with spices. 6/10Gary - Almost nothing to taste. Not much aroma, no cinnamon, off flavor on the back side. 4/10

TOTAL: 4.75/10

Chocolate Bock

Jeremy - Needs more body. Would drink it again. 7/10Keith - Super chocolatey, but still a beer. Nailed this one. 9/10Rob - I like it. It is very chocolatey. 5/10Gary - Might be the most chocolate I have ever had in a beer. Earthy flavor. Only three words to describe this beer: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Loses all other flavors. 8/10

TOTAL: 7.25/10

Pint Taken

Nothing like seeing the crawl at the beginning of the movieStayed true to the original: fun, not much substance, funBrought me back to my childhoodFelt like a Star Wars movie for the first time in three moviesAbrams saved the franchise in one shot and set it up for the next moviesPractical effects FTW

Half Pints

Rob: Star Wars: Battlefront Gary: evrgrn Last Call flask Jeremy: Bad Magic, the final Motörhead album. R.I.P., Lemmy.Keith: Neverware - turn any old laptop into a chromebook.

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