Episode 31: Warm in my Gentleman Parts

Episode 31: Warm in my Gentleman Parts

Welcome to the Small Screen Spoiler Show episode 31, recorded January 26th, 2016! I'm CJ "the devil in pink" Boat, he's Jarred "I could do with a hobby" Azevedo.

Audio Content? from Darrell "what do you do for fun, assemble rifles?" Shayler.

Today's shows are:

Agent Carter

S2E01: The Lady in the Lake

IMDB: 8.6

S2E02: A View in the Dark

IMDB: 8.6

The second part of the show, going forward, are our "Challenge Shows" Jarred and I will challenge each other to watch what is immediately available (at least) to watch and catch up, and do a spoiler discussion of the shows we watched.

CJ's Challenge to Jaz: Arrow, Flash, Wayward Pines

Jaz's Challenge to CJ: Supergirl, iZombie, Lucifer

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They feel polite when they put them down

Thanks, IMDB

Freakish Freezing Lake

Lead the nerds to speculate

They's Inhumans

Green and Throbbing

Warm in my Gentleman Parts

Weird and throbbing black mass

Brodie Roadie

It's Sexy Somehow

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