Coverville 1109: A Tribute to David Bowie

I've done David Bowie Cover Stories before, but I wanted to pay homage to the man with one more set of amazing covers. Some I've played before, some brand new, but all wonderful. Hope you enjoy! (104 minutes)

[Quick correction - Nomiya Maki covers the song Fame, and is Chinese, not Japanese. I couldn't tell from the characters themselves until I loaded them into Google Translate.]

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Featuring Title Artist Length Album Original Artist Versions A Space Oddity (Instrumental Mix) Fritz von Runte 4:27 BOWIE2001 - The Instrumentals ( David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Margot & The Nuclear So And So's 3:05 I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson David Bowie 10 Life On Mars? Seu Jorge 3:29 The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions David Bowie 4 Heroes (wildebeest mix) Peter Gabriel 4:06 Scratch My Back David Bowie Cat People (Putting Out Fire) Hollywood, Mon Amour 2:51 Hollywood, Mon Amour David Bowie 4 The Man Who Sold the World Nirvana 4:20 MTV Unplugged In New York David Bowie 16 Changes Shawn Mullins 3:32 The Faculty (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture) [Explicit] David Bowie 10 Ashes to Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant) LB 4:34 Pop Artificielle David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging Susanna Hoffs 4:58 David Bowie Songbook David Bowie 7 As The World Falls Down Girl In A Coma 3:56 Adventures In Coverland David Bowie 3 China Girl Anna Terheim 3:53 Remake The Ultimate Covers Collection David Bowie 8 John, I'm Only Dancing Jesca Hoop 2:51 A Salute to the Thin White Duke - The Songs of David Bowie David Bowie 3 Suffragette City Cybernauts 3:19 Cybernauts Live David Bowie 8 Fame 野宮真貴 3:13 Tribute to David Bowie David Bowie 7 Young Americans Danny Michel 4:42 Loving The Alien David Bowie 2 Rebel Rebel Lea DeLaria 4:25 House of David David Bowie 13 Golden Years Marilyn Manson 3:49 Dead Man On Campus David Bowie 6 Fashion Afghan Raiders 3:22 We Were So Turned On: A Tribute to David Bowie David Bowie 4 Modern Love Starlit 6:13 .2 Contamination: A Tribute To David Bowie David Bowie 9 Five Years Old 97s 4:52 Mimeograph EP David Bowie 5 Space Oddity (Bonus track) Chris Hadfield 5:19 Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can David Bowie Where Have All The Good Times Gone David Bowie 2:41 Pin-Ups Kinks 2