S03 E03: Holiday Sams Strikes Back

Tonight is a twofer seasonal kind of night, and we have two beers from one of Americas largest craft breweries, Samuel Adams. First up is Sparkling Ale:

Our Sparkling Ale is the brewers' take on a rare historic Scottish style. Golden in color and effervescent it combines subtle notes of Noble hops with pale and acidulated malts to create a slightly floral character and a dry finish.

Then, we will drink a darker selection, Holiday Porter:

Deep, rich and roasty, this festive porter balances a smooth malty sweetness with an earthy hoppiness, this holiday classic has become a favorite among our winter seasonal brews.

To The Pint

Sparkling Ale

Jeremy - Light, refreshing, easy to drink. Crisp. An odd choice for a holiday seasonal, though. Nicely balanced and has a nice flavor.  7/10Keith - Has a nice dry cider feel to it. Complete shocker; why is this a seasonal? 7/10Rob - Some depth and complexity here. Well rounded, almost buttery quality. I see this as a holiday seasonal as a New Year's Party beer. 9/10Gary - Similar profile to some Champagnes. This is good; better than expected. 6/10

TOTAL: 7.25/10

Holiday Porter

Jeremy - Very good example of porter. Well balanced, easy to drink, but full of flavor. 8/10Keith - A great classic porter. Perfect example of what the style should be. 9/10Rob - A very drinkable and clean beer. I'm not a huge fan of dark beers, but this is quite drinkable. 9/10Gary -  8/10

TOTAL: 8.5/10

Pint Taken

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Half Pints

Rob: Good Job, Brain! - podcastGary: Rop - iOS gameJeremy: Calendarium - an app that tells you what happened on this day in history. Keith: Power Line Detector - an iOS app that claims to find power lines in your walls.

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